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Accu-Scope EXI-600

Intelligent Inverted Microscope for Advanced Life Science Applications

Accu-Scope's EXI-600 is an intelligent, research-grade inverted microscope. The EXI-600 comes standard with an intelligent front panel that links to the encoded 6-position nosepiece and LED transmitted light. The EXI-600 is available with most imaging techniques, including brighfield, phase, fluorescence, DIC and modulation contrast. Designed to be a state-of-the-art imaging platform, the EXI-600 can be used for live cell imaging with both widefield and confocal modalities.

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The EXI-600's intelligent frame recognizes the location of the objective and fluorescence filter cube, as well as the light intensity, and shows it on the microscope's front panel. No more guessing about the objective magnification or fluorescence channel while you're working.

Multiple Light Paths

Many applications require multiple cameras and the EXI-600 allows you to choose which camera port to use based on your need.


The EXI-600 is modular and is available in Brightfield, Phase, Fluorescence, DIC and Modulation Contrast configurations.

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The EXI-600 was built as a powerful imaging platform. 

Many applications require multiple cameras and the EXI-600 allows you to choose which camera port to use based on your need.

  • 100% of the light to the left-side camera port for your most light-sensitive applications such as fluorescence imaging.

  • 80% of the light to the right-side port allowiing you to simultaneously image and observe or manipulate the specimen as with micromanipulation.

  • 80% or 100% of the light to the top camera port for flexible imaging and minimizing the footprint of the microscope on your lab bench.



Optics available for Phase, DIC, Fluorescence and Confocal/TIRF Applications 

Through the use of carefully selected high-transmittance glass and advanced coating technology, accurate color reproduction is ensured. 20X and 40X objectives are equipped with a slide thickness correction ring as standard to improve imaging errors caused by non-standard thickness of slides and petri dishes.





Ready to work with Narishige, Eppendorf and TMC micromanipulation components

Cell manipulation is the starting point for subsequent study in several time-lapse or multi-dimensional experiments. Microinjection of DNA, RNA, or probes into adherent cells allows researchers to better understand intracellular pathways and machinery. To produce transgenic or cloned species, or to fertilize oocytes for Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), such as in vitro fertilization, DNA, stem cells, or spermatozoa microinjection into oocytes or blastocysts is performed (IVF).

The EXI-600 is ready to accept micromanipulation components from many popular manufacturers, including Narishige, Eppendorf and TMC




Confocal & TIRF Packages Available using industry-leading products 

Voxyl Offers EXI-600 packages for confocal and TIRF imaging. These systems are configured based on your exact needs and budget.  Please contact Voxyl for more information on our current confocal and TIRF systems



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