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Crest Optics DeepSIM

Super resolution microscopy that answers the deep biological questions effortlessly

For the advancement of science, we at CrestOptics think that super-resolution should be available to scientists everywhere. DeepSIM is the first super-resolution module designed to work with any existing upright or inverted microscope that has a camera connection. A confocal microscope-like interface makes it simple for scientists to gather detailed information from biological samples.

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Confocal Upgrade

Stand-Alone Super Resolution

Deep Imaging

~100nm Resolution in XY



Reliable, Simple to Use and Affordable Solution 

Based on a multi-spot structured illumination system, the DeepSIM is a reliable, simple to use and affordable solution to study cellular structures up to an XY resolution of ~100nm.


Super-resolved optical sectioning, with Z resolution up to ~ 300nm, can be obtained using both high (60X – 100X) and low magnification (20x – 40x) objectives to expand the range of applications to include complex 3D models such as tissues, organoids, spheroids and small organisms.


Super-Resolved Data Over 50µm Z in Depth


The DeepSIM is designed to work with samples of thicknesses comparable to those used in confocal microscopy, giving super-resolved data over 50µm Z in depth in non-clarified samples.

This means that more meaningful data can be obtained from native heterogeneous complex samples using routine preparation protocols.

DeepSIM enables the effortless study of live-cell dynamics through a temporal resolution greater than 10fps (1024×1024 px FOV), allowing biological changes to be tracked at cellular and subcellular levels.


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