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  • Adjusting The Focus
    Step1: Please hold the arm of the microscope securely with both hands. Step 2: Turn on the light source. Step 3: Open the aperture of the condenser lens completely. Step 4: Align the diopter ring with the engraved base line. Step 5: Secure the specimen slide on the stage. Step 6: Confirm the 10X objective lens is being in optical path. Step 7: Move the stage to the upper limit. Step 8: Adjust the brightness of the light source so that it is not blinding when you look into it. Step 9: Adjust the focus while slowly lowering the stage. Step 10: Move the stage moving handles to observe each part of the specimen.
  • Making Adjustments
    Adjusting the Interpupilary Distance: 1. The height of the eyepiece can be selected in two ways, upper and lower, so adjust the interpupillary distance at the position that is easier to observe. 2. To avoid fatigue, adjust the space between the left and right eyepieces to your face. 3. Look through the eyepieces, overlap the left and right fields of view to one. Diopter Adjustments: Step 1: Using the 10X objective, rotate the focus knobs, and bring the specimen in focus. Step 2: Switch to the 40X objective lens and turn the fine focus knob to refocus on the sample. Step 3: Switch to the 10X objective again, adjust the focus by individually rotating only the diopter rings on the left and right eyepieces. Repeat steps 2 and 3 twice to eliminate the visual differences between the left and right eyepieces.
  • Adjusting the Brightness
    Step 1: Press the light ON / OFF switch to turn on the lamp. Step 2: Move the condenser aperture diaphragm lever to the left and fully open the aperture diaphragm. Step 3. Look into the eyepiece and turn the brightness control knob to adjust the brightness of the field of view so that it is not dazzling.
  • Carrying the Microscope
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