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Hamamatsu ORCA Flash 4.0 V3

We’ve advanced our camera technology, so you can advance your science

Building on our extensive experience with high performance scientific cameras and advanced imaging applications, Hamamatsu introduces the new ORCA-Flash4.0 V3. This one camera expertly handles applications ranging from the acquisition of beautiful scientific images to experiments that demand detection, quantification and speed. With on-board FPGA processing enabling intelligent data reduction, highly refined in-camera, pixel-level calibrations, increased USB3.0 frame rates, purposeful and innovative triggering capabilities, patented lightsheet read out modes and individual camera noise characterization the ORCA-Flash4.0 V3 is the precision instrument for imaging.

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Calibrated for Quantitative Accuracy

Flexibility for Customized Data Control

Patented Tools for Advanced Imaging: Lightsheet Readout Mode

GFP蛍光リアルタイム血流観察 - GFP-labeled zebrafish blood flow
超高速(400 fps)微分干渉観察 - High speed (400 fps) zebrafish cardiac beat
ライトシート顕微鏡への応用 - 3D animation of Amoeba scanned by DSLM


  • Quantum efficency:    82 % (peak QE: @560 nm)

  • Full well capacity:    30 000 electrons

  • Readout speed:   
    100 frames/s (Full resolution, standard scan, Camera Link) *
    40 frames/s (Full resolution, standard scan, USB 3.0, 16 bit) *
    53 frames/s (Full resolution, standard scan, USB 3.0, 12 bit) *

       80 frames/s (Full resolution, standard scan, USB 3.0, 8 bit) *

  • Peltier cooling

  • Dark current:   
    0.06 electrons/pixel/s (Air Cooled to -10° C) (typ.)
    0.06 electrons/pixel/s (Water Cooled to -10° C) (typ.)0.006 electrons/pixel/s (Water Cooled to -30° C) (typ.)

  • Readout noise:   
    Standard scan (at 100 frames/s, typ.):1.6 electrons rms (1.0 electrons median)

       Slow scan (at 30 frames/s, typ.): 1.4 electrons rms

       (0.8 electrons median)

  • Dynamic range:    37 000:1


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