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Euromex iScope

iScope - A masterpiece in microscopy

The iScope is available in various configurations suitable for Life and Biomedical Sciences, high schools, universities but also for routine medical applications

Besides the brightfield contrast method, configurations for phase contrast, cardioid mirror darkfield, basic polarization and several epi- illumination sources for fluorescence applications can be used. iScope models with multi-heads are also available for teaching purposes

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View With Ease

With large EWF 10x/20mm focusable eyepieces and a tilting ergonomic head option, the iScope Series offers best in class ergonomics at an affordable price.

Optical Variety

The iScope can be configured with Plan, Plan Phase or Darkfield objectives. The optics of the iScope are top quality for clinical, laboratory, research and advanced educational applications. These objectives provide crisp, high resolution, high contrast flat images over the entire 20mm field of view.

Versatile & Modular Design

The iScope series can be configured to meet your demands. The iScope is available in Brightfield, Darkfield, Phase & multi-head configurations.




  • EWF 10x/22 mm and EWF 10x/20 mm eyepieces

  • Binocular and trinocular models

  • Multihead and face-to-face dual head systems

  • Optional tilting head

  • Quintuple reversed nosepiece

  • Plan, phase and darkfield illumination

  • 187/230 x 140 mm rackless stage

  • 3 W NeoLED™ Köhler illumination

  • iCare sensor for energy saving

  • CSS - Cable Storage System






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